Prioriza y corrige
los problemas de estabilidad con mayor rapidez

Firebase Crashlytics helps you track, prioritize, and fix stability issues that erode app quality, in realtime. Spend less time triaging and troubleshooting crashes and more time building app features that delight users.

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Crashlytics intelligently groups an avalanche of crashes into a manageable list of issues. It also provides information on why a crash occurred and what happened leading up to it. With this insight, you can uncover the root cause of crashes more quickly.

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Crashes are prioritized by impact on actual users so you know how best to triage effort for fixing bugs.

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Get realtime alerts for new issues, regressed issues, and burgeoning issues that might require immediate attention, no matter where you are.

Firebase te permite desarrollar apps de alta calidad, aumentar tu base de usuarios y ganar más dinero. Cada función es independiente, pero juntas brindan mejores resultados.