Cloud Firestore Beta

Store and sync app data at global scale

NoSQL database built for global apps

Cloud Firestore is a NoSQL document database that lets you easily store, sync, and query data for your mobile and web apps - at global scale.


Query and structure data the way you like

Structure your data easily with collections and documents. Build hierarchies to store related data and easily retrieve the data you need using expressive queries. All queries scale with the size of your result set (note: not your data set), so your app is ready to scale from day one. Learn more about data querying.

Build truly serverless apps

Cloud Firestore ships with mobile and web SDKs and a comprehensive set of security rules so you can access your database without needing to stand up your own server. Using Cloud Functions, our serverless compute product, you can execute hosted backend code that responds to data changes in your database. Of course, you can also access Cloud Firestore with traditional client libraries too (i.e. Node, Python, Go, and Java).

Sync data across devices, on or offline

With Cloud Firestore, you can automatically synchronize your app data between devices. We’ll notify you of data changes as they occur so you can easily build collaborative experiences and realtime apps. Your users can access and make changes to their data at any time, even when they're offline. Offline mode is available on iOS, Android and Web!

Scale globally

Powered by Google’s storage infrastructure, Cloud Firestore is built to scale with your business. Now, you can focus on building your app instead of managing servers or worrying about consistency.

Strong user-based security

With our declarative security language, you can restrict data access based on user identity data, pattern matching on your data, and more. Cloud Firestore also integrates with Firebase Authentication to give you simple and intuitive user authentication.

Trusted by global and growing apps

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66%+ reduction in development cost for HomeAway

Using Cloud Firestore, HomeAway dramatically reduced development cost and increased velocity in shipping their travel recommendations app.

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Hawkin Dynamics brought product to new level in 2 weeks

Hawkin Dynamics migrated from Firebase Realtime Database to Cloud Firestore and shipped more powerful apps in weeks instead of months.

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