Personalize and optimize
your app with feature flags

Remote Config is a feature management tool that gives you fine-grained control over your app’s behavior and appearance. This means you can personalize your app experience for different users, dynamically roll out or roll back features, and run experiments - all without setting up any complex infrastructure or releasing a new version.

月曜日と金曜日の 2 つの異なる画面

Implement feature flagging so you can gradually roll out new app features to ensure they are stable and performing well, before rolling them out broadly. If new features don’t meet expectations or cause crashes, you can roll them back in realtime. Remote Config provides signals and safeguards to ensure only the most engaging, high-quality features are released to all of your users

2 種類の言語の 2 台の電話

Remote Config personalization lets you harness the power of machine learning to optimize the user experience with minimal work. Simply specify the objective you want to maximize, and personalization will continuously find and apply the right app configuration for each user, taking their behavior and preferences into account. For example, you can personalize the difficulty of your game to match player skills and boost engagement and session duration.


Remote Config は A/B Testing とシームレスに連携動作するので、構想を テストする実験を実施し、重要な指標に対するその影響を確認できます。 新しいチェックアウト画面が購入の促進に実際に貢献するかどうかを 調べたり、新しい広告フォーマットによる収益向上の見込みを 試したり、さまざまな応用が可能に。A/B Testing とともに Remote Config を使用すると、目標達成に向けて どの変更が効果的かを示す分析情報が得られます。

Firebase は、高品質アプリの開発、ユーザー層の拡大、収益の増加に貢献します。各機能はそれぞれ独立していますが、組み合わせて使用することで相乗効果を期待できます。