Effectively engage users with Firebase

Learn how to deliver targeted messaging campaigns to users, and maximize the effectiveness of those campaigns with delivery and engagement data.


An introduction to Firebase products that improve user engagement


Take a quick tour of this pathway on user engagement. Watch to get a quick intro into the Firebase products that you can use to improve user engagement.

An overview of the architecture of Firebase Cloud Messaging


Learn about the architecture of Cloud Messaging.

Engage your users with Cloud Messaging


As a developer, you want to create meaningful connections with your users. Learn how to use contextual messaging in Cloud Messaging and Firebase In-App Messaging to better engage users - and learn how to decide which messaging solution is the right one for your needs.

Use Cloud Messaging and In-App Messaging to send messages to users


Learn how to use Cloud Messaging and In-App Messaging to send messages to users.

Multicast push notifications to a select group of users with Cloud Messaging topic messaging


In this codelab, you’ll learn how to multicast a push message to a select group of your app instances with Cloud Messaging topic messaging.

Cloud Messaging Aggregated Delivery Data API


Learn about the Cloud Messaging dataset to understand message delivery performance on Android devices.

Get better insights into notification delivery


Learn how to get better insights into whether your notifications get delivered or where things can go wrong when you enable notification delivery logging on all platforms.

Best practices for Cloud Messaging registration-token management


Learn about the recommended best practices to manage Cloud Messaging registration tokens.

Effectively engage uses with Firebase quiz

Pass this quiz and earn the Effectively engage users with Firebase badge.