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Tapple uses Firebase Remote Config to increase subscriptions by 8%
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Since 2015, Japanese developer Tapple has been helping people find love through their popular dating app. By matching users with similar hobbies and interests, Tapple has connected over 200 million people, pairing thousands of new couples every month.


Since launching their service, Tapple has experimented with different ways to maximize the lifetime value (LTV) of their 5 million users. But because it involves many components, LTV can be a challenging metric to optimize. So the team chose to focus on their subscription registration rate, which they knew was a major driver of LTV.

In particular, Tapple wanted more users to purchase a subscription plan, so they designed an experiment to optimize their subscription rate. Since male users without a subscription plan can't read the messages they are sent, the app prompts them to subscribe when they try to access their messages. Tapple wanted to test multiple versions of the subscription prompt to see which one was most effective, so they turned to Firebase for an easy way to set up and run the experiment.

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Using Firebase Remote Config, Tapple was able to control and change the subscription prompt dynamically without releasing a new version of their app, while Firebase A/B Testing gave them insight on which variant was performing best. The team also used Firebase Crashlytics to monitor the app's stability so that if anything went wrong during testing, they could use Remote Config to roll back the feature quickly and easily.

While the team was confident that Design C would be most effective, Firebase A/B Testing showed that Design A actually drove the highest conversions. After implementing the winning design, Tapple saw an 8% increase in subscription registrations.

Using Firebase, Tapple not only increased their users' LTV, they were also able to make critical business decisions backed with data and proven results.


8% increase in subscription registrations

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"Optimizing LTV has always been a core focus for us, but it's notoriously hard to do. Firebase gave us the tools we needed to systematically boost the lifetime value of our users, plus put safeguards in place in case anything went wrong. The insights we've gained from Firebase have been invaluable in helping us optimize our user experience to grow subscription sign-ups."

- Shohei Kawano and Wataru Mukainakano, Engineers, Tapple