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What can you do with Firebase Dynamic Links?

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The following use cases are some of the ways you can use Dynamic Links in your app to drive growth and engagement.

Converting web users to app users

Without Dynamic Links, if a mobile web user installs your app by opening an app install link, they have to re-navigate to where they were. With Dynamic Links, you can ensure that after a web user installs your app, they can continue where they left off.

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Convert web users to app users

Social, email, and SMS campaigns

Send promotional offers using links that work on any platform. Current and future users can redeem your offers whether they use iOS, Android, or a web browser, and whether or not they already have your app installed.

Social campaigns

User-to-user sharing

Make it easy for your users to share your app's content with their friends, no matter what platform their friends use, or whether their friends already use your app.

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User-to-user sharing

Converting desktop users to app users

Generate Dynamic Links when web users bookmark a page or send themselves a link. When they open the link on a different device, they can get the best experience for the device.

Convert desktop web users to app users

Real-world app promotion

Use QR codes or Eddystone beacons that encode a Dynamic Link in your physical displays to promote your app at events and venues.