Manage testers in App Distribution

You can manage your project's testers in the Testers & Groups tab of the App Distribution page (in the Firebase console). This tab allows you to:

  • Add new testers (you can also add new testers when you set up a distribution).
  • Import testers from CSV files.

    The CSV file must contain the tester's email address. It can also contain the tester's name (optional) in the same row. For example:,Ali Smith
    Cal Nguyen,
  • Assign testers to groups. For example, you could create one group for your iOS testers and another for your Android testers. You can then invite all of a group's members to test a new build.

Exporting test device UDIDs

When testers sign up to test your release, you can export your testers' device names and identifiers in a CSV file and update them all at once to your app's provisioning profile. See Register additional devices for instructions.

Tester limits

Firebase App Distribution has the following tester limits:

  • Add a maximum of 500 testers to a Firebase project

  • Add a maximum of 200 testers to an App Distribution group

  • Add a maximum of 200 testers per distribution

To add more testers, request a free limit increase.