Export Dynamic Links metadata

You can export the metadata of your project's Dynamic Links using Google Takeout. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you are signed in to a Google Account with owner permissions on your Firebase project.
  2. Open your Google Account's Google Takeout page.
  3. Select the Firebase projects from which you want to export link metadata. By default, all Firebase projects you own will be selected.
  4. If you want to export metadata from links created using one of the Firebase SDKs or the REST API, in addition to those created in the console, select the options from the Advanced menu.
  5. Click Next step, then choose how and with which frequency you want the exported data to be delivered to you.
  6. Click Create export.

    Note that your export could take up to a day.

Your data is exported as one or more CSV files—one for each domain. Each CSV file has the following fields:

  1. Short link
  2. Deep link (link)
  3. Android package name (apn)
  4. Android fallback link (afl)
  5. Android minimum package version code (amv)
  6. iOS bundle ID (ibi)
  7. iOS fallback link (ifl)
  8. iOS custom scheme (ius)
  9. iOS iPad fallback link (ipfl)
  10. iOS iPad bundle ID (ipbi)
  11. iOS app store ID (isi)
  12. iOS minimum version (imv)
  13. Enable forced redirect? (efr)
  14. Desktop fallback link (ofl)
  15. Social title (st)
  16. Social description (sd)
  17. Social image link (si)
  18. UTM source (utm_source)
  19. UTM medium (utm_medium)
  20. UTM campaign (utm_campaign)
  21. UTM term (utm_term)
  22. UTM content (utm_content)
  23. iTunes connect at
  24. iTunes connect ct
  25. iTunes connect mt
  26. iTunes connect pt
  27. Archived?
  28. Link name
  29. Creation timestamp