Get Started with Game Development Using Firebase

Firebase makes it easy to add backend services and analytics to your mobile games on iOS and Android. With the Firebase SDKs for C++ and Unity, you can access Firebase services directly in your C++ and Unity code, without having to write any Java or Swift (or Objective-C) code.

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Supported features

The following Firebase features are supported by the Firebase SDKs for C++ and Unity:

Feature C++ Unity
Realtime Database
Dynamic Links
Cloud Messaging
Remote Config
Cloud Storage

Example use cases

Here are some ways you can use Firebase in your mobile games:

  • Learn about how your players experience your game using Analytics. Find out how much time they're playing your game, how long they take to complete levels, how much in-app content they're purchasing, and so on
  • Adjust gameplay settings (such as enemy density, power-up frequency, and so on) on the fly using Remote Config
  • Share content like custom levels, in-game items, and game invitations between users with Dynamic Links
  • Store user-generated content in the cloud using Realtime Database
  • When you release new content, send push notifications using FCM to players who have completed your game's available content
  • Deliver downloadable content to players using Storage and its security rules

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