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Run a test locally

This guide describes how to run an iOS test locally so you can quality check the test's behavior before running it in Firebase Test Lab.

Run an XCTest locally

You can verify that Test Lab will be able to install your app and tests by running locally with a USB-connected device as follows:

xcodebuild test-without-building \
    -xctestrun "Derived Data/Build/Products/YourApp.xctestrun" \
    -destination id=your-phone-id

Run a Game Loop test locally

To run your test locally, load your gaming app in a simulator and run:

xcrun simctl openurl SIMULATOR_UDID firebase-game-loop://
  • You can find your simulator's UDID by running the instruments -s devices command.

  • If there is only one simulator running, enter the special string "booted" in place of SIMULATOR_UDID.

If your test contains multiple loops, you can specify which loop you want to run by passing the loop number to the scenario flag. Note that you can only run one loop at a time when running your test locally. For example, if you want to run loops 1, 2, and 5, you must run a separate command for each loop:

xcrun simctl openurl SIMULATOR_UDID firebase-game-loop://?scenario=1
xcrun simctl openurl SIMULATOR_UDID firebase-game-loop://?scenario=2
xcrun simctl openurl SIMULATOR_UDID firebase-game-loop://?scenario=5