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Link AdMob, Firebase, and Google Analytics for a streamlined solution to experiment with ads, and make smarter decisions based on app and ad performance insights. Create and serve ads with Google AdMob, test and compare different ad strategies with Firebase Remote Config and Firebase A/B Testing, and use user engagement data from Google Analytics to help you evaluate your experiments.

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Firebase Remote Config provides a testing framework that lets you create different ad experiment variants, and choose specific audiences that you want to expose those variants to. This lets you easily test and compare different ad strategies.

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Whether you want to experiment with frequency capping to increase revenue or serve ads to a specific audience, linking AdMob with Firebase and Google Analytics leads to smarter, data-driven decisions. With insights about which users are most likely to spend money in your app, you can even fine-tune who sees an ad versus who's encouraged to make a purchase instead.


Even if your mobile app has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide, making it profitable in the long run is a tricky science. Most apps rely on a mix of ads and in-app purchases (IAP) to make money.

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In this video series, learn how Firebase and AdMob can help you answer questions like should you show ads in your apps, how to show ads to your users, and more!