Mix and match Firebase products to solve common app development challenges

Build a backend

Protect your backend and API resources

Protect your API resources from abuse by preventing unauthorized clients from accessing your backend resources. App Check attests that requests originate from your authentic app and from an authentic, untampered device.

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Develop and test an integrated backend

Set up your backend without managing servers. Effortlessly scale to support millions of users with databases, hosting and storage solutions, and compute options. And develop and test everything locally with our emulators.

Build a secure, realtime, offline-enabled app

Keep your app's data in sync across clients and even make sure it works regardless of network latency or connectivity. Add authentication and security rules to safeguard that users can only access data they should access.

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Cache data on a global CDN for faster content delivery

Give your users a faster first-load experience and reduce your querying costs with Firebase's global CDN. Use Firestore with Firebase Hosting to bundle and cache both static and dynamic content.

Test and rollout features

Automate app testing on multiple devices and configurations

Before distributing to live testers, catch bugs and performance issues by running your mobile app against suites of real, physical test devices hosted by Google. And even integrate your tests into a CI/CD workflow to automate testing.

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Ensure stable and delightful features before launch

Get feedback and data from real users that a feature is stable and enjoyable before releasing it to your entire user base. Test different versions of your app and iterate quickly to achieve the best user experience.

Reduce crashes to improve user engagement metrics

Fix bugs and performance issues faster to deliver a stable app experience that increases session duration and reduces churn. And even attract new users with higher app ratings.

Monitor stability and performance during release

Ensure new features are stable and performant by monitoring your app's most important metrics. Get alerts if something is wrong, learn which issues are most impacting your users, and even instantaneously roll back the feature for certain users.

Engage end users

Increase engagement using custom notifications

Deliver targeted and customized messaging campaigns to your users and keep them engaged in content and activities that they value. Gain insights and use delivery and engagement data to maximize the effectiveness of those campaigns.

Dynamically create an optimized user experience

Deliver a personalized user experience by dynamically changing your app based on each user's attributes and behavior. Run experiments with specific user segments to see the impact of changes on key metrics before rolling out experiences more widely.

Monetize an app

Test adoption of new AdMob ad formats

Make data-driven decisions about adopting new AdMob ad formats. A/B test different ad formats and measure their impact on your app's revenue and user metrics before rolling out to all your users.

Increase revenue by personalizing user experience

Maximize revenue by using machine learning to customize the best monetization strategy for each user. With Remote Config, there's no need to release a new version of your app to test different strategies.