Track, prioritize, and
fix app crashes faster

Firebase Crashlytics, a real time crash reporting tool, helps you prioritize and fix your most pervasive app crashes based on the impact on real users. Crashlytics also easily integrates into your Android, iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps.

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Get detailed and actionable insight into the timeline of events leading up to app crashes so you can quickly reproduce bugs and uncover the root cause. Spend less time triaging and troubleshooting crashes and more time building app features that delight users.

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Receive real time alerts for new errors, regressed errors, and errors that are starting to happen at higher rates, no matter where you are.

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Firebase Crashlytics works seamlessly with industry-standard tools and products, including Jira, Slack, and other project management tools. For Android, you can view Crashlytics data directly within Android Studio's App Quality Insights window, making it easy to debug crashes without leaving the IDE.

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