Build and deploy modern, full-stack web apps

Quickly ship Angular and Next.js apps with the security and scalability of Google Cloud. A single product to manage everything from the CDN to server-side rendering.

Roll out to production with a simple 'git push'

Connect App Hosting to your GitHub repository using the Firebase console or CLI. When it's time to deploy, push your changes to GitHub and watch App Hosting roll them out to production using reproducible, cloud-based builds.

Secure, scalable Google Cloud foundation

App Hosting is powered by Google Cloud. Apps are built with Cloud Build, served on Cloud Run with automatic scaling, and cached in Cloud CDN. Integrated services like Cloud Secret Manager keep your API keys safe.

A full-stack solution to manage everything from the CDN to server-side rendering

App Hosting supports full-stack web apps end-to-end, with support for static site generation, client-side rendering, and server-side rendering. Combine rendering methods to optimize your app's performance and SEO without worrying about the required infrastructure.

Ship performant AI-powered features to your users

Use our ready-to-deploy Gemini sample apps to get started with AI faster. App Hosting's streaming support helps ensure your app has fast initial load times, even as you add more and more generative AI features into your app.

App Hosting is able to detect and understand Next.js and Angular configurations, so it can automatically set up your infrastructure with Cloud Build and Cloud Run based on your source code.

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Protect sensitive information like API keys by creating secrets through the Firebase CLI. Firebase App Hosting integrates with Cloud Secret Manager, giving you access to enterprise-grade security features like versioning, rotation, and fine-tuned IAM.

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Use a Firebase-provided subdomain or add domains you own (e.g. to your App Hosting backend, so when your users type that domain into their browser, they're taken to your web app.

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