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With Firebase, it's easy to add backend services and analytics to your mobile games on iOS and Android. Using our SDKs for C++ and Unity, you can access Firebase services directly in your C++ and Unity code, without having to write any Swift/Objective-C or Java/Kotlin code.

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Find out more information about powering up your games with Firebase at our Firebase games page.

Example use cases for Firebase in your games

  • AdMob — Earn revenue in your games with banner ads, interstitials, even rewarded video. Track your ads performance with Google Analytics.

  • Analytics — Learn how players interact with your game, how much time they spend playing, how long they take to complete levels, how much and how frequently they make in-app purchases, how often they return to the game, and much more.

  • Authentication — Give players a frictionless sign-in experience that also ensures safe and secure account management.

  • Realtime Database — Read and write game content using this realtime, scalable database. Realtime Database allows you to keep track of player presence in- or out-of-game.

  • Cloud Firestore — Read and write game content using this realtime, scalable database. Cloud Firestore has outstanding uptime guarantees and allows you to serve data from your choice of locations worldwide.

  • Cloud Storage — Store and serve player-generated content reliabily and securely, such as avatars, game playthroughs, and screenshots.

  • Cloud Messaging — Inform players about new content or levels or send push notifications to players who have completed your available content.

  • Crashlytics — Spend less time finding and more time fixing crashes. Build more stable games by providing deep and actionable insights into crashes.

  • Dynamic Links — Share content, such as custom levels, in-game items, and game invitations between players.

  • Remote Config — Change elements of your game without deploying code, including settings like enemy density or power-up frequency.

  • Cloud Functions — Run backend code in a secure environment in response to events triggered by other Firebase products and client requests.

Supported Firebase products

The Firebase SDKs for C++ and for Unity directly support the following Firebase products. Firebase also supports a subset of the available libraries for a desktop workflow (beta) implementation.

Firebase product C++ Unity Desktop (beta)
Cloud Firestore
Cloud Functions
Cloud Messaging
Cloud Storage
Dynamic Links
Realtime Database
Remote Config