Manage rollouts and releases

If you have automatic rollouts enabled, every time you push a new commit to the live branch in your GitHub repository App Hosting automatically rolls out a new version of your app. You can check the rollout status in the Firebase console or in the App Hosting GitHub check.

View rollouts

The Firebase console provides access to detailed information about all rollouts of your app. In the App Hosting tab, select View dashboard for the backend whose rollouts you'd like to see. The dashboard displays information about the current rollout, along with a table listing a history of all rollouts for this backend.

Screen shot of the console rollouts view

Each rollout contains a git commit, a Cloud Build job, and a Cloud Run revision.

  • The git commit is the snapshot of your repository at the time the rollout is created.
  • The Cloud Build job is the build environment where App Hosting runs your app's build command. You can access Cloud Build logs by clicking on the build ID in the Firebase console.
  • The Cloud Run revision is the runtime environment for your Web app. You can learn more about a rollout's runtime configuration (things like CPU and memory limits and environment variables) by clicking the three-dot menu and selecting View Cloud Run revision.

Manually trigger a rollout

If you want to manually trigger a rollout from your GitHub source without pushing a new commit, you can create a rollout from the Firebase console. One reason you might want to manually trigger a rollout is to force the regeneration of static content. For example, if the data used to generate a page gets updated, you'll want to re-render the page to serve the updated content.

  1. In the App Hosting tab, select View dashboard for the backend you want to create a rollout for.
  2. In the backend dashboard, select Create rollout.
  3. Select the branch to deploy.
  4. Select the commit to deploy, either the latest commit or an earlier commit specified by its commit ID.
  5. Select Create. Status and a build number for the rollout is displayed in the rollout history table. When the rollout process is complete, this rollout is displayed as the current rollout.

Change your backend's live branch

You can change the GitHub branch used for automatic rollouts in the Firebase console. To change the live branch, manually trigger a rollout with the chosen branch and select Set as default branch. Then, App Hosting automatically creates rollouts when changes are pushed or merged into the new branch.