Dynamic Links FAQ

Firebase Dynamic Links is no longer recommended for new projects. In the future, the Dynamic Links service will shut down, but you will have at least 12 months from the announcement date to migrate. We will announce more information in Q3 2023.

We launched Dynamic links about 7 years ago to make URLs more powerful (for example, dynamically changing the destination of a link based on run-time conditions) at a time when there were different degrees of support on various OSes and platforms. We remain committed to the importance of enabling app teams of all sizes to improve their deep linking experiences and are investigating how to help developers adopt technologies such as App Links, and Universal Links.

How long will I have to migrate?

We want to make the migration as smooth as possible, so you will have a minimum of 12 months to fully migrate. We will share more details in Q3 2023.

Yes, your new and existing links will continue to work until the Dynamic Links service is shut down. In Q3 2023, we will provide more information on the long term plan for Firebase Dynamic Links.

Yes, your email link authentication using Firebase Authentication will continue to work.

Firebase Authentication currently uses Firebase Dynamic Links to customize Authentication links, but we will provide an update to ensure that this functionality continues working after the Firebase Dynamic Links service is shut down.