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Set a project location

When you create a new Firebase project, you also select an Analytics location, which represents the country/region of your organization, and a Cloud Firestore location, which represents where your data is stored by Google Cloud Platform services that support data location, like Cloud Firestore.

Once you select a location for your project, you cannot change it. Use this overview to determine the location selection that makes sense for your project.

Types of locations

You can select a multi-region location or a single, regional location.

Multi-region locations

A multi-region location is a general geographical area, such as the United States. Data in a multi-region location is replicated in multiple regions. Within a region, data is replicated across zones.

Select a multi-region location to maximize the availability and durability of your Cloud Firestore database. Multi-region locations can withstand the loss of entire regions and maintain availability without losing data.

The only multi-region location currently available for Firebase services is in the United States. It's named as follows for each service:

Firebase service Location Name
Cloud Firestore nam5/us-central
Cloud Functions us-central1
Cloud Storage us

Regional location

A regional location is a specific geographic place, such as South Carolina. Data in a regional location is replicated in multiple zones within a region.

Select a regional location if your application is more sensitive to write latency or if you want co-location with other Google Cloud Platform resources.

The following regional locations are available for Firebase services:

Region Name Region Description
us-east1 South Carolina, USA
europe-west3 Frankfurt, Germany

All regional locations are separated from other regional locations by at least 100 miles.

Set a project location

The location setting for your project is shared across the following services:

Once you set a location for your project, you cannot change your project's location setting.

When you create a Firebase project, your region is automatically selected, by default. To edit the location setting, follow these steps:

  1. Next to the Analytics location set by default, click edit.
  2. Select your preferred Analytics location from the dropdown list.
  3. Select a Cloud Firestore location.

When you set a project's location, consider how the regional setting will affect the services you decide to use.

Cloud Functions

By default, Cloud Functions uses the us-central1 region. However, you can change the region where a function runs in the function definition. To learn more, see Cloud Functions Locations.

Cloud Firestore

When you create a Firebase project, the location you select automatically applies to Cloud Firestore. Once you've selected this location, you cannot change it. To reduce latency and increase availability, store your data in the region closest to the users and services that need it. To learn more, see Cloud Firestore locations.

Cloud Storage

On the Blaze billing plan, each Cloud Storage bucket you create can have a different location setting, based on your needs for that specific bucket's use. On the Spark billing plan, your single Cloud Storage bucket uses the Cloud Firestore location you select at project creation. To learn more, see Bucket Locations.

View your project's location setting

You can check the location setting in your project settings in the Firebase Console.

For more information about building applications to meet your latency, availability and durability requirements, see Geography and Regions.