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Integrate Crashlytics with Google Play

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By linking Firebase and Google Play, you get a richer view into your Android app's health. For example, in the Crashlytics dashboard, you can filter your app's crash reports by Google Play track, which allows you to better focus your dashboard on specific builds.


Set up your app in Google Play

To take advantage of the Crashlytics integration with Google Play, make sure that your app meets the following requirements:

  • Your app in Google Play and your Firebase Android App are both registered using the same package name.

  • Your app in Google Play is set up on the app dashboard and is distributed to one of the Google Play tracks (Internal testing, Closed testing, Open testing, or Production).

Link your Firebase Android App to your Google Play developer account:

  1. In the Firebase console, go to > Project settings, and then select the Integrations tab.

  2. On the Google Play card, click Link.
    If you already have links to Google Play, click Manage instead.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable the Crashlytics integration and select which Firebase Android Apps to link to Google Play.

Learn more about creating and managing links between Firebase and Google Play.

Filter events by Google Play track

You can filter your app's crash reports by Google Play track directly in the Crashlytics dashboard. This allows you to better focus your dashboard on specific builds.

Here's how to filter by Play track:

  1. At the top of the Crashlytics dashboard in the Firebase console, select your desired Firebase Android App.

  2. In the top-level Filter menu, click Versions, and then select the Google Play track for which you want to view Crashlytics events. You can select more than one track.

  3. Click Apply.

All the data in the Crashlytics dashboard (crash-free statistics, trends, and issues) will now be specific to the selected Play track(s) and version(s).

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