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Cloud Testing API

Allows developers to run automated tests for their mobile applications on Google infrastructure.


All URIs below are relative to

This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: v1.applicationDetailService

getApkDetails POST /v1/applicationDetailService/getApkDetails
Gets the details of an Android application APK.

REST Resource: v1.projects.testMatrices

cancel POST /v1/projects/{projectId}/testMatrices/{testMatrixId}:cancel
Cancels unfinished test executions in a test matrix.
create POST /v1/projects/{projectId}/testMatrices
Creates and runs a matrix of tests according to the given specifications.
get GET /v1/projects/{projectId}/testMatrices/{testMatrixId}
Checks the status of a test matrix.

REST Resource: v1.testEnvironmentCatalog

get GET /v1/testEnvironmentCatalog/{environmentType}
Gets the catalog of supported test environments.