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Available devices in Test Lab

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Test Lab lets you test your app on a wide variety of different devices and Android versions. There are a few ways to see which devices are currently available:

  • Firebase console: If you're running tests from the Firebase console, you can see a list of available devices during the Select dimensions step of the Run a test workflow.

  • Firebase CLI: To see a list of available devices from the Firebase CLI, use the following command:

    gcloud firebase test android models list
  • Google APIs Explorer: You can even look up the devices directly, without a Firebase project or the gcloud tool, using the Google APIs Explorer.

Device capacity

Test Lab provides mobile device capacity information through the Firebase console. Device capacity is the number of online devices in Google's mobile device lab. This feature helps you to make sure that there are enough devices in our device lab to run your tests more efficiently. Device capacity is measured as High, Medium, and Low.

Tests running on any device capacity level may take longer due to the following factors:

  • Traffic, which affects when the test starts. To check if there are reported outages or failures, see the Firebase status dashboard.
  • Device or infrastructure failures, which can happen at any time and affect how long the test takes to run.

The following table describes the types of device capacity and provides recommendations about when to use each capacity type:

Capacity Description Recommended use
High capacity The Test Lab device catalog contains many devices. Use when you are running a large number of tests.
Medium capacity The Test Lab device catalog contains a moderate number of devices. This capacity level is suitable for running most of your tests.
Low capacity The Test Lab device catalog contains few devices. While deprecated devices belong to the low-capacity group, not all low-capacity devices are deprecated. Use when you need to run a test on a specific device model and version. These tests are not suitable for test sharding. Due to low capacity, tests might take a long time to finish, especially if you invoke a large number of tests at the same time.

View device capacity

You can view device capacity in the Firebase console for a specific device when you're setting up a new test.

To view device capacity, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the Test Lab page in the Firebase console.

  2. Select Run a test and then select a test type.

  3. Upload your app binary.

  4. On the Select dimensions step, click Customize.

  5. (Optional) To filter devices by capacity level, follow these steps:

    1. Click the Filter icon.

    2. Select Capacity.

    3. Click the capacity level you want to filter by: Medium or High. To filter out any low-capacity devices, filter by both Medium and High.

    4. Click Apply.

  6. Choose one or more devices to run your test on. Depending on device capacity, you might see a Medium or High label next to the selected devices.

  7. Run your test.

Deprecated devices and versions

Deprecated devices are available for at least one month before being removed from the Test Lab device catalog. Once a device is removed, Test Lab no longer runs test requests targeted at the device and those requests are marked as Skipped.

Deprecated devices

Manufacturer Model Type Device/Version Removing on
* * Physical *:19 2022-12-29

Request a device

If there is a device that you'd like to use which is not available in Test Lab, you can submit a request for a device to be added to the catalog. To submit a request, click Request a device at the bottom of the Select dimensions step of the Run a test workflow.