Use Firebase Test Lab for Android from the Firebase Console

Firebase Test Lab for Android provides cloud-based infrastructure for testing Android apps. This document describes how to get started with Test Lab using the Firebase console.

Create a Firebase project

If you don't have a Firebase project for your app, go to the Firebase console and click Create New Project to create one now. You will need ownership or edit permissions in your project.

You can use Test Lab for a limited number of daily test executions on the Spark and Flame plans. To use Test Lab without daily quota limits, you must upgrade to the Firebase Blaze plan.

To learn more, see Test Lab quota and billing.

Run a test

Firebase Test Lab lets you run the following types of tests:

  • Espresso or UI Automator 2.0 instrumentation tests written specifically to exercise your app.
  • Robo test, which analyzes the structure of your app's user interface and then explores it automatically by simulating user activities.
  • Game loop test (Beta), which is used to test game apps.

To run a test, see Run tests with Firebase Test Lab for Android.

Investigate your test results

When the test starts, you're automatically redirected to the test results page. Tests can take a number of minutes to run, depending on the number of different configurations you have selected and the test timeout duration set for your tests. After your tests have run, you can review test results. See Analyzing Firebase Test Lab for Android Results to learn more about how to interpret the test results.

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