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Usage levels, quotas, and pricing for Test Lab

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Firebase Test Lab provides a Cloud API quota and a testing quota, which is included in the standard Spark and Blaze pricing plans. These quotas are based on your project's usage of the testing resource or Cloud API.

Test Lab quotas are applied project-level, not site-level. These limits are shared across all test types (instrumentation, Robo, and Game Loop) and test matrices. When you run a test, you can check its run time (i.e., the time it takes the test to run) under Test execution and test matrix results in the Firebase console. Run times are displayed next to each device. If you're in the Blaze plan, the test run times are used for billing.


Testing quota

Test Lab's testing quota is measured by the number of test runs per day:

  • Spark plan (no-cost): The resource limits are listed for up to 15 test runs per day in total:

    • 10 test runs per day on virtual devices

    • 5 test runs per day on physical devices

  • Blaze plan: Not all projects in the Blaze plan have the same quotas. If your usage of Google Cloud increases over time, your quotas might increase correspondingly. If you expect a sizable upcoming increase in usage, you can proactively request quota adjustments.

    Billing is calculated by the minutes spent running tests. The Blaze plan begins with a no-cost time limit that's similar to the resource limit offered by the Spark plan:

    • 30 minutes of test time per day on physical devices

    • 60 minutes of test time per day on virtual devices

    Any usage above these limits is charged according to the following hourly rates:

    • $5 per hour for each physical device

    • $1 per hour for each virtual device

Charges are calculated on a per-minute basis, rounded up to the nearest minute. For example, a 22-second test is billed for one minute, while a 75-second test is billed for two minutes. You are charged only for the time spent running tests (the time it takes to install your app and collect test results will not be charged).

You can monitor your testing quota usage in the Google Cloud Console.

Cloud API quotas

The Testing and Tool Results APIs come with two API limits: requests per day per project, and requests per minute per project.

  • Cloud Testing API limit:

    • 10,000,000 calls per day
    • 120,000 calls per 1-minute interval

    You can monitor your usage of this API in the Google Cloud Console.

  • Cloud Tool Results API limit:

    • 200,000 calls per day
    • 2,400 calls per 1-minute interval

    You can monitor your usage of this API in the Google Cloud Console.

Increase quotas

If you've reached a Cloud API or Blaze plan testing quota, you can request a higher limit by doing one of the following::