Manage delivery status with the Trigger Email extension

When a document is added to the collection, the extension picks it up for email delivery processing. The extension creates and updates a delivery field in the document as it processes the email.

Email delivery processing

The delivery field can be populated with the following fields:

  • startTime: Timestamp when email processing began.
  • endTime: Timestamp when email processing completed (that is, ended in either a SUCCESS or ERROR state).
  • error: If there was an email delivery error, an error message will be populated here.
  • attempts: Number of delivery attempts for this email.
  • leaseExpireTime: In case of a hang or timeout, the time at which a PROCESSING state should be considered an error.
  • info: After successful email delivery (to at least one address), this field will be populated with the following fields:
    • messageId: The message ID of the delivered email.
    • accepted: Array of email addresses to which the email was successfully delivered.
    • rejected: Array of email addresses to which the email could not be delivered.
    • pending: Array of email addresses that were temporarily rejected by SMTP.
    • response: The last response from the SMTP server.

An email will typically go from PENDING to PROCESSING to either SUCCESS or ERROR. Once in the SUCCESS or ERROR state, additional changes to the document will not trigger the extension to send another email. To resend an email with document updates, you can change the state to PENDING or RETRY.

Manual retries

There are instances in which email delivery fails in a recoverable fashion or the document can be manually corrected for proper delivery with minor modifications. While retries are not automatic, you can manually change the state in the delivery field to RETRY so that the extension attempts email delivery again (and increments the number of attempts).