Android Samples for Cloud Firestore

Friendly Eats

This sample app demonstrates building a simple restaurant recommendation service using Cloud Firestore. This demonstrates features such as compound queries, client-side transactions, subcollections, and offline persistence.

To browse the sample source, go to the sample page.

To clone the source:

git clone

To build and run the sample:

  1. Set up your environment to work with Cloud Firestore.
  2. Add Firebase to your app. Use the package name
  3. In the Authentication tab of the Firebase console, enable the Email/Password provider.
  4. Consult the sample's file for an example of security rules that are appropriate for this sample, then use the Firebase console to update the security rules for your project.
  5. Connect an Android device to your computer, then use Android Studio to run the firestore app on the Android device.

After the app is installed, you can sign in with any email and password. Tap the Add Random Items option in the app overflow menu to populate the home screen:

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