Exclude Marks a field as excluded from the Database. 
IgnoreExtraProperties Properties that don't map to class fields are ignored when serializing to a class annotated with this annotation. 
PropertyName Marks a field to be renamed when serialized. 
ServerTimestamp Annotation used to mark a Date field to be populated with a server timestamp. 
ThrowOnExtraProperties Properties that don't map to class fields when serializing to a class annotated with this annotation cause an exception to be thrown. 


EventListener<T> An interface for event listeners. 
ListenerRegistration Represents a listener that can be removed by calling remove(). 
Transaction.Function<TResult> An interface for providing code to be executed within a transaction context. 


Blob Immutable class representing an array of bytes in Firestore. 
CollectionReference A CollectionReference can be used for adding documents, getting document references, and querying for documents (using the methods inherited from Query). 
DocumentChange A DocumentChange represents a change to the documents matching a query. 
DocumentListenOptions Holds options for listening to documents. 
DocumentReference A DocumentReference refers to a document location in a Firestore database and can be used to write, read, or listen to the location. 
DocumentSnapshot A DocumentSnapshot contains data read from a document in your Firestore database. 
FieldPath A FieldPath refers to a field in a document. 
FieldValue Sentinel values that can be used when writing document fields with set() or update(). 
FirebaseFirestore Represents a Firestore Database and is the entry point for all Firestore operations

Subclassing Note: Firestore classes are not meant to be subclassed except for use in test mocks. 

FirebaseFirestoreSettings Settings used to configure a FirebaseFirestore instance. 
FirebaseFirestoreSettings.Builder A Builder for creating FirebaseFirestoreSettings
GeoPoint Immutable class representing a GeoPoint in Firestore  
Query A Query which you can read or listen to. 
QueryDocumentSnapshot A QueryDocumentSnapshot contains data read from a document in your Firestore database as part of a query. 
QueryListenOptions Holds options for listening to documents. 
QuerySnapshot A QuerySnapshot contains the results of a query. 
SetOptions An options object that configures the behavior of set() calls. 
SnapshotMetadata Metadata about a snapshot, describing the state of the snapshot. 
Transaction A Transaction is passed to a Function to provide the methods to read and write data within the transaction context. 
WriteBatch A write batch, used to perform multiple writes as a single atomic unit. 


DocumentChange.Type An enumeration of snapshot diff types. 
FirebaseFirestoreException.Code The set of Firestore status codes. 
Query.Direction An enum for the direction of a sort. 


FirebaseFirestoreException A class of exceptions thrown by Firestore  

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