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為 Cloud Functions 啟用應用檢查強制執行

透過集合功能整理內容 你可以依據偏好儲存及分類內容。

當您了解 App Check 將如何影響您的用戶並準備好繼續時,您可以啟用 App Check 強制執行。

要開始在可調用的 Cloud Functions 中執行 App Check 令牌要求,請修改您的函數以檢查有效的 App Check 令牌,如下所示。啟用強制執行後,所有未經驗證的請求都將被拒絕。

  1. 將項目的 firebase firebase-functions依賴項更新到 3.14.0 或更高版本:

    npm install firebase-functions@">=3.14.0"

    並將項目的 firebase firebase-admin依賴項更新到 9.8.0 或更高版本:

    npm install firebase-admin@">=9.8.0"
  2. 在您的函數中添加對context.app的檢查。如果未定義 ,您的函數應該會失敗。

    exports.yourCallableFunction = functions.https.onCall((data, context) => {
      // will be undefined if the request doesn't include an
      // App Check token. (If the request includes an invalid App Check
      // token, the request will be rejected with HTTP error 401.)
      if ( == undefined) {
        throw new functions.https.HttpsError(
            'The function must be called from an App Check verified app.')
      // Your function logic follows.
  3. (可選)如果您想使用自己的邏輯處理無效的 App Check 令牌(例如,如果您想在啟用完全強制之前暫時記錄而不是拒絕無效請求),請將allowInvalidAppCheckToken設置為true

    exports.yourCallableFunction = functions.
        allowInvalidAppCheckToken: true  // Opt-out: Requests with invalid App
                                         // Check tokens continue to your code.
      .https.onCall((data, context) => {
        // Now, requests with an invalid App Check token are not rejected.
        // will be undefined if the request:
        //   1) Does not include an App Check token
        //   2) Includes an invalid App Check token
        if ( == undefined) {
          // You can inspect the raw request header to check whether an App
          // Check token was provided in the request. If you're not ready to
          // fully enable App Check yet, you could log these conditions instead
          // of throwing errors.
          const rawToken = context.rawRequest.header['X-Firebase-AppCheck'];
          if (rawToken == undefined) {
            throw new functions.https.HttpsError(
                'The function must be called from an App Check verified app.'
          } else {
            throw new functions.https.HttpsError(
                'Provided App Check token failed to validate.'
        // Your function logic follows.


  4. 重新部署您的功能:

    firebase deploy --only functions

部署這些更改後,您的可調用 Cloud Functions 將需要有效的 App Check 令牌。當您調用可調用函數時,Cloud Functions 客戶端 SDK 會自動附加應用檢查令牌。