Firebase Authentication Limits

The following auth operations have limitations on the frequency you can perform them. These limitations can change without notice. Contact Firebase support to discuss special use cases.

Account creation and deletion limits

Operation Limit
New account creation 100 accounts/IP address/hour
Account deletion 10 accounts/second

Accounts per project

Account type Limit
Anonymous user accounts 100 million
Registered user accounts Unlimited

Email limits

Operation Spark plan limit Flame and Blaze plan limit
Address verification emails 1000 emails/day 100,000 emails/day
Address change emails 1000 emails/day 10,000 emails/day
Password reset emails 150 emails/day 10,000 emails/day
Email link sign-in emails 2000 emails/day 25,000 emails/day

Phone number sign-in limits

Operation Limit
User sign-ins See Pricing
Verification code SMS messages 50 messages/IP address/minute, 500 messages/IP address/hour
Verification requests 150 requests/IP address/hour

API limits

Operation Limit
Operations per service account 500 requests/second
Operations per project 1000 requests/second, 10 million requests/day

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