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Firebase Test Lab triggers

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You can trigger a function in response to the completion of a test matrix in Firebase Test Lab. For example, you can notify a Slack channel or send an email if a test fails.

For more example use cases, see What can I do with Cloud Functions?.

Trigger a function on TestMatrix completion

Create a new function that triggers when a TestMatrix completes with the event handler functions.testLab.testMatrix().onComplete():

exports.sendEmailNotification = functions.testLab.testMatrix().onComplete((testMatrix) => {
  // ...

Handle test states and outcomes

Each execution of your function is passed a TestMatrix which includes the final state of the matrix and details to help understand problems.

exports.handleTestMatrixCompletion = functions.testLab.testMatrix().onComplete(testMatrix => {
  const matrixId = testMatrix.testMatrixId;
  switch (testMatrix.state) {
    case 'FINISHED':
      console.log(`TestMatrix ${matrixId} finished with outcome: ${testMatrix.outcomeSummary}`);
    case 'INVALID':
      console.log(`TestMatrix ${matrixId} was marked as invalid: ${testMatrix.invalidMatrixDetails}`);
      console.log(`TestMatrix ${matrixId} completed with state ${testMatrix.state}`);
  return null;

Access client details

Test matrices may be created from different sources or workflows. It is therefore often desirable to create functions that perform different actions based on the source or other important context of the test. To help with this, gcloud allows you to pass arbitrary information when starting a test that can be accessed later in your function. For example:

gcloud beta firebase test android run \
    --app=path/to/app.apk \
    --client-details testType=pr,link=https://path/to/pull-request

Example function:

exports.notifyOnPullRequestFailure = functions.testLab.testMatrix().onComplete(testMatrix => {
  if (testMatrix.clientInfo.details['testType'] != 'pr') {
    // Not a pull request
    return null;

  if (testMatrix.state == 'FINISHED' && testMatrix.outcomeSummary == 'SUCCESS') {
    // No failure
    return null;

  const link = testMatrix.clientInfo.details['link'];
  let message = `Test Lab validation for pull request ${link} failed. `;

  if (!!testMatrix.resultStorage.resultsUrl) {
    message += `Test results available at ${testMatrix.resultStorage.resultsUrl}. `;

  // Send notification here ...