Google Generative AI plugin

The Google Generative AI plugin provides interfaces to Google's Gemini models through the Gemini API.


npm i --save @genkit-ai/googleai


To use this plugin, specify it when you call configureGenkit():

import { googleAI } from '@genkit-ai/googleai';

export default configureGenkit({
  plugins: [googleAI()],
  // ...

The plugin requires an API key for the Gemini API, which you can get from Google AI Studio.

Configure the plugin to use your API key by doing one of the following:

  • Set the GOOGLE_GENAI_API_KEY environment variable to your API key.

  • Specify the API key when you initialize the plugin:

    googleAI({ apiKey: yourKey });

    However, don't embed your API key directly in code! Use this feature only in conjunction with a service like Cloud Secret Manager or similar.

Some models (like Gemini 1.5 Pro) are in preview and only aviable via the v1beta API. You can specify the apiVersion to get access to those models:

  plugins: [googleAI({ apiVersion: 'v1beta' })],

or you can specify multiple versions if you'd like to use different versions of models at the same time.

  plugins: [googleAI({ apiVersion: ['v1', 'v1beta'] })],


This plugin statically exports references to its supported models:

import {
} from '@genkit-ai/googleai';

You can use these references to specify which model generate() uses:

const llmResponse = await generate({
  model: geminiPro,
  prompt: 'Tell me a joke.',

or use embedders (ex. textEmbeddingGecko001) with embed or retrievers:

const embedding = await embed({
  embedder: textEmbeddingGecko001,
  content: input,