Integrate Flutter Web

With the Firebase framework-aware CLI, you can deploy your Flutter application to Firebase.

Before you begin

Before you get started deploying your app to Firebase, review the following requirements and options:

  • Firebase CLI version 12.1.0 or later. Make sure to install the CLI using your preferred method.
  • Optional: Billing enabled on your Firebase project (required if you plan to use SSR)

Initialize Firebase

To get started, initialize Firebase for your framework project. Use the Firebase CLI for a new project, or modify firebase.json for an existing project.

Initialize a new project

  1. In the Firebase CLI, enable the web frameworks preview:
    firebase experiments:enable webframeworks
  2. Run the initialization command from the CLI and then follow the prompts:

    firebase init hosting

  3. Answer yes to "Do you want to use a web framework? (experimental)"

  4. Choose your hosting source directory; this could be an existing Flutter app.

  5. If prompted, choose Flutter Web.

Initialize an existing project

Change your hosting config in firebase.json to have a source option, rather than a public option. For example:

  "hosting": {
    "source": "./path-to-your-flutter-app"

Serve static content

After initializing Firebase, you can serve static content with the standard deployment command:

firebase deploy