FirebaseCredential This interface was deprecated. Use GoogleCredentials.  
UserInfo A collection of standard profile information for a user. 


ExportedUserRecord Contains metadata associated with a Firebase user account, along with password hash and salt. 
FirebaseAuth This class is the entry point for all server-side Firebase Authentication actions. 
FirebaseCredentials This class was deprecated. Use GoogleCredentials.  
FirebaseToken Implementation of a Parsed Firebase Token returned by verifyIdToken(String)
GoogleOAuthAccessToken This class was deprecated. Use GoogleCredentials and associated classes.  
ListUsersPage Represents a page of ExportedUserRecord instances. 
UserMetadata Contains additional metadata associated with a user account. 
UserRecord Contains metadata associated with a Firebase user account. 
UserRecord.CreateRequest A specification class for creating new user accounts. 
UserRecord.UpdateRequest A class for updating the attributes of an existing user. 


FirebaseAuthException Generic exception related to Firebase Authentication. 

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