ActionCodeResult Interface for holding the information related to an out of band code. 
AuthResult Result object obtained from operations that can affect the authentication state. 
FirebaseAuth.AuthStateListener Listener called when there is a change in the authentication state. 
FirebaseAuthProvider Represents the Firebase Authentication provider type. 
ProviderQueryResult Result object that contains a list of strings that represent authentication provider IDs. 
UserInfo Represents a collection of standard profile information for a user. 


AuthCredential Represents a credential that the Firebase Authentication server can use to authenticate a user. 
EmailAuthCredential Wraps an email and password tuple for authentication purposes. 
EmailAuthProvider Represents the email and password authentication mechanism. 
FacebookAuthCredential Wraps a Facebook Login access token for authentication purposes. 
FacebookAuthProvider Represents the Facebook Login authentication provider. 
FirebaseAuth The entry point of the Firebase Authentication SDK. 
FirebaseUser Represents a user's profile information in your Firebase project's user database. 
GetTokenResult Result object that contains a Firebase Auth ID Token. 
GithubAuthCredential Wraps a Github OAuth access token for authentication purposes. 
GithubAuthProvider Represents the Github authentication provider. 
GoogleAuthCredential Wraps a Google Sign-In ID token and/or access token, for authentication purposes. 
GoogleAuthProvider Represents the Google Sign-In authentication provider. 
TwitterAuthCredential Wraps a Log in with Twitter token and secret tuple for authentication purposes. 
TwitterAuthProvider Represents the Twitter authentication provider. 
UserProfileChangeRequest Request used to update user profile information. 
UserProfileChangeRequest.Builder The request builder. 


FirebaseAuthActionCodeException Represents the exception which is a result of an expired or an invalid out of band code. 
FirebaseAuthException Generic exception related to Firebase Authentication. 
FirebaseAuthInvalidCredentialsException Thrown when one or more of the credentials passed to a method fail to identify and/or authenticate the user subject of that operation. 
FirebaseAuthInvalidUserException Thrown when performing an operation on a FirebaseUser instance that is no longer valid. 
FirebaseAuthRecentLoginRequiredException Thrown on security sensitive operations on a FirebaseUser instance that require the user to have signed in recently, when the requirement isn't met. 
FirebaseAuthUserCollisionException Thrown when an operation on a FirebaseUser instance couldn't be completed due to a conflict with another existing user. 
FirebaseAuthWeakPasswordException Thrown when using a weak password (less than 6 chars) to create a new account or to update an existing account's password. 

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