Settings that can be passed to Firestore.enablePersistence() to configure Firestore persistence.



Optional experimentalForceOwningTab

experimentalForceOwningTab: boolean

Whether to force enable persistence for the client. This cannot be used with synchronizeTabs:true and is primarily intended for use with Web Workers. Setting this to true will enable persistence, but cause other tabs using persistence to fail.

This setting may be removed in a future release. If you find yourself using it for a specific use case or run into any issues, please tell us about it in

Optional synchronizeTabs

synchronizeTabs: boolean

Whether to synchronize the in-memory state of multiple tabs. Setting this to true in all open tabs enables shared access to local persistence, shared execution of queries and latency-compensated local document updates across all connected instances.

To enable this mode, synchronizeTabs:true needs to be set globally in all active tabs. If omitted or set to 'false', enablePersistence() will fail in all but the first tab.