firebase_admin module

Firebase Admin SDK for Python.


class firebase_admin.App(name, credential, options)

Bases: object

The entry point for Firebase Python SDK.

Represents a Firebase app, while holding the configuration and state common to all Firebase APIs.




Gracefully deletes an App instance.

Parameters:app – The app instance to be deleted.
Raises:ValueError – If the app is not initialized.

Retrieves an App instance by name.

Parameters:name – Name of the App instance to retrieve (optional).
Returns:An App instance with the given name.
Return type:App
Raises:ValueError – If the specified name is not a string, or if the specified app does not exist.
firebase_admin.initialize_app(credential=None, options=None, name='[DEFAULT]')

Initializes and returns a new App instance.

Creates a new App instance using the specified options and the app name. If an instance already exists by the same app name a ValueError is raised. If options are not provided an attempt is made to load the options from the environment. This is done by looking up the FIREBASE_CONFIG environment variable. If the value of the variable starts with "{", it is parsed as a JSON object. Otherwise it is treated as a file name and the JSON content is read from the corresponding file. Use this function whenever a new App instance is required. Do not directly invoke the App constructor.

  • credential – A credential object used to initialize the SDK (optional). If none is provided, Google Application Default Credentials are used.
  • options – A dictionary of configuration options (optional). Supported options include databaseURL, storageBucket, projectId, databaseAuthVariableOverride, serviceAccountId and httpTimeout. If httpTimeout is not set, HTTP connections initiated by client modules such as db will not time out.
  • name – Name of the app (optional).

A newly initialized instance of App.

Return type:



ValueError – If the app name is already in use, or any of the provided arguments are invalid.