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Error codes for FCM failure conditions.

UNSPECIFIED_ERROR No more information is available about this error.
INVALID_ARGUMENT (HTTP error code = 400) Request parameters were invalid. An extension of type google.rpc.BadRequest is returned to specify which field was invalid.
UNREGISTERED (HTTP error code = 404) App instance was unregistered from FCM. This usually means that the token used is no longer valid and a new one must be used.
SENDER_ID_MISMATCH (HTTP error code = 403) The authenticated sender ID is different from the sender ID for the registration token.
QUOTA_EXCEEDED (HTTP error code = 429) Sending limit exceeded for the message target. An extension of type google.rpc.QuotaFailure is returned to specify which quota got exceeded.
UNAVAILABLE (HTTP error code = 503) The server is overloaded.
INTERNAL (HTTP error code = 500) An unknown internal error occurred.
THIRD_PARTY_AUTH_ERROR (HTTP error code = 401) APNs certificate or web push auth key was invalid or missing.