public final class FirebaseAuthUserCollisionException extends FirebaseAuthException

Thrown when an operation on a FirebaseUser instance couldn't be completed due to a conflict with another existing user.

This could happen in the following cases:

  • ERROR_EMAIL_ALREADY_IN_USE when trying to create a new account with createUserWithEmailAndPassword(String, String) or to change a user's email address, if the email is already in use by a different account
  • ERROR_ACCOUNT_EXISTS_WITH_DIFFERENT_CREDENTIAL when calling signInWithCredential(AuthCredential) with a credential that asserts an email address in use by another account. This error will only be thrown if the "One account per email address" setting is enabled in the Firebase console (recommended).
  • ERROR_CREDENTIAL_ALREADY_IN_USE when trying to link a user with an AuthCredential corresponding to another account already in use
Inspect the error code and message to find out the specific cause.

Resolve this exception by asking the user to sign in again with valid credentials.

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Public Constructors

public FirebaseAuthUserCollisionException (String code, String message)

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