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public static class FirebaseAnalytics.Event extends Object

An Event is an important occurrence in your app that you want to measure. You can report up to 500 different types of Events per app and you can associate up to 25 unique parameters with each Event type. Some common events are suggested below, but you may also choose to specify custom Event types that are associated with your specific app. Each event type is identified by a unique name. Event names can be up to 40 characters long, may only contain alphanumeric characters and underscores ("_"), and must start with an alphabetic character. The "firebase_", "google_" and "ga_" prefixes are reserved and should not be used.

The following event names are reserved and cannot be used:

  • ad_activeview
  • ad_click
  • ad_exposure
  • ad_impression
  • ad_query
  • adunit_exposure
  • app_clear_data
  • app_uninstall
  • app_update
  • error
  • first_open
  • first_visit
  • in_app_purchase
  • notification_dismiss
  • notification_foreground
  • notification_open
  • notification_receive
  • os_update
  • screen_view
  • session_start
  • user_engagement

Constant Summary

String ADD_PAYMENT_INFO Add Payment Info event.
String ADD_TO_CART E-Commerce Add To Cart event.
String ADD_TO_WISHLIST E-Commerce Add To Wishlist event.
String APP_OPEN App Open event.
String BEGIN_CHECKOUT E-Commerce Begin Checkout event.
String CAMPAIGN_DETAILS Log this event to supply the referral details of a re-engagement campaign.
String CHECKOUT_PROGRESS Checkout progress.
String EARN_VIRTUAL_CURRENCY Earn Virtual Currency event.
String ECOMMERCE_PURCHASE E-Commerce Purchase event.
String GENERATE_LEAD Generate Lead event.
String JOIN_GROUP Join Group event.
String LEVEL_END Level End event.
String LEVEL_START Level Start event.
String LEVEL_UP Level Up event.
String LOGIN Login event.
String POST_SCORE Post Score event.
String PRESENT_OFFER Present Offer event.
String PURCHASE_REFUND E-Commerce Purchase Refund event.
String REMOVE_FROM_CART Remove from cart event.
String SEARCH Search event.
String SELECT_CONTENT Select Content event.
String SET_CHECKOUT_OPTION Set checkout option.
String SHARE Share event.
String SIGN_UP Sign Up event.
String SPEND_VIRTUAL_CURRENCY Spend Virtual Currency event.
String TUTORIAL_BEGIN Tutorial Begin event.
String TUTORIAL_COMPLETE Tutorial End event.
String UNLOCK_ACHIEVEMENT Unlock Achievement event.