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public final class TimerBuilder extends IndexableBuilder<TimerBuilder>

Builder to construct an Indexable for a timer.

Constant Summary

String EXPIRED The timer is expired.
String MISSED The timer is missed.
String PAUSED The timer is paused.
String RESET The timer is reset to its initial value.
String STARTED The timer is started.
String UNKNOWN The timer is in an unknown error state.

Public Method Summary

setExpireTime(Calendar wallClockExpirationTime)
Sets the wall clock time at which the timer will, or did, expire.
setIdentifier(String identifier)
Sets the immutable unique identifier of the timer.
setLength(long lengthInMilliseconds)
Sets the total length of the timer when it was created, in milliseconds.
setMessage(String message)
Sets the custom message associated with this timer.
setRemainingTime(long remainingTimeInMilliseconds)
Sets the amount of time remaining when the timer was started or stopped, in milliseconds.
setRingtone(String ringtone)
Sets the ringtone to be played when the timer expires, as a content URI of the media to be played, or VALUE_RINGTONE_SILENT if no ringtone will be played.
setTimerStatus(String status)
Sets the current status of the timer.
setVibrate(boolean vibrate)
Sets whether or not to activate the device vibrator when the timer expires.

Inherited Method Summary