#include <app.h>

Firebase application object.


firebase::App acts as a conduit for communication between all Firebase services used by an application.

For example:

#if defined(__ANDROID__)
firebase::App::Create(firebase::AppOptions(), jni_env, activity);
#endif  // defined(__ANDROID__)

Constructors and Destructors


Public functions

GetJNIEnv() const
JNIEnv *
Get JNI environment, needed for performing JNI calls, set on creation.
activity() const
Get a global reference to the Android activity provided to the App on creation.
java_vm() const
JavaVM *
Get Java virtual machine, retrieved from the initial JNI environment.
name() const
const char *
Get the name of this App instance.
options() const
const AppOptions &
Get options the App was created with.

Public static functions

App *
Initializes the default firebase::App with default options.