Cloud Firestore API


The Service name is needed to create RPC client stubs.


CreateIndex Creates the specified index.
DeleteIndex Deletes an index.
ExportDocuments Exports a copy of all or a subset of documents from Google Cloud Firestore to Google Cloud Storage.
GetIndex Gets an index.
ImportDocuments Imports documents into Google Cloud Firestore.
ListIndexes Lists the indexes that match the specified filters.


BatchGetDocuments Gets multiple documents.
BeginTransaction Starts a new transaction.
Commit Commits a transaction, while optionally updating documents.
CreateDocument Creates a new document.
DeleteDocument Deletes a document.
GetDocument Gets a single document.
ListCollectionIds Lists all the collection IDs underneath a document.
ListDocuments Lists documents.
Listen Listens to changes.
Rollback Rolls back a transaction.
RunQuery Runs a query.
UpdateDocument Updates or inserts a document.
Write Streams batches of document updates and deletes, in order.

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