Firebase Unity API Reference



AppOptions Options that control the creation of a Firebase App.
FirebaseApp Firebase application object.
FirebaseException Exception thrown for any Task exception.
InitializationException The exception that is thrown when a problem occurs with initialization of a Firebase module or class.



FirebaseAnalytics FirebaseAnalytics API.
Parameter Event parameter.



Credential Authentication credentials for an authentication provider.
EmailAuthProvider Use email and password to authenticate.
FacebookAuthProvider Use an access token provided by Facebook to authenticate.
FetchProvidersResult Results of calls FetchProvidersForEmail.
FirebaseAuth Firebase authentication object.
FirebaseUser Firebase user account object.
GitHubAuthProvider Use an access token provided by GitHub to authenticate.
GoogleAuthProvider Use an ID token and access token provided by Google to authenticate.
TwitterAuthProvider Use a token and secret provided by Twitter to authenticate.
UserProfile Parameters to the UpdateUserProfile() function.


IUserInfo Interface implemented by each identity provider.



ChildChangedEventArgs Child changed event arguments.
DatabaseError Instances of DatabaseError are passed within event arguments when an operation failed.
DatabaseException This error is thrown when the FirebaseDatabase library is unable to operate on the input it has been given.
DatabaseReference A Firebase reference represents a particular location in your FirebaseDatabase and can be used for reading or writing data to that FirebaseDatabase location.
DataSnapshot A DataSnapshot instance contains data from a FirebaseDatabase location.
FirebaseDatabase The entry point for accessing a FirebaseDatabase.
MutableData Instances of this class encapsulate the data and priority at a location.
OnDisconnect The OnDisconnect class is used to manage operations that will be Run on the server when this client disconnects.
Query The Query class (and its subclass, DatabaseReference ) are used for reading data.
ServerValue Contains placeholder values to use when writing data to the FirebaseDatabase.
TransactionResult Instances of this class represent the desired outcome of a single Run of a transaction.
ValueChangedEventArgs Event arguments passed with the Query.ValueChanged Event.



FirebaseInvites FirebaseInvites API.
Invite Data structure used to construct and send an invite.
InviteErrorReceivedEventArgs Event argument for the ErrorReceived event containing the error that occurred while receiving an invite.
InviteReceivedEventArgs Event argument for the InviteReceived event containing the invitation data.
SendInviteResult Results from calling SendInvite() to send an invitation.



FirebaseMessage Data structure used to send messages to, and receive messages from, cloud messaging.
FirebaseMessaging Firebase Cloud Messaging API.
FirebaseNotification Used for messages that display a notification.
MessageReceivedEventArgs Event argument for the MessageReceived event containing the message data.
TokenReceivedEventArgs Token argument for the TokenReceived event containing the token string.



ConfigInfo Describes the state of the most recent Fetch() call.
FirebaseRemoteConfig Firebase Remote Config API.


ConfigSettings Settings for FirebaseRemoteConfig operations.
ConfigValue Wrapper for a Remote Config parameter value, with methods to get it as different types, such as bools and doubles, along with information about where the data came from.



DownloadState DownloadState contains information for a download in progress.
FirebaseStorage FirebaseStorage is a service that supports uploading and downloading large objects to Google Cloud Storage.
MetadataChange MetadataChange is a set of new metadata values used during object upload or when modifying the metadata of an object.
StorageException Represents an Exception resulting from an operation on a StorageReference
StorageMetadata Metadata for a StorageReference Metadata stores default attributes such as size and content type.
StorageProgress< T > A class that receives progress updates for storage uploads and downloads.
StorageReference Represents a reference to a Google Cloud Storage object.
UploadState UploadState contains information for an upload in progress.



Task Represents an asynchronous task.
Task< T > Represents an asynchronous task that has a result.

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