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#include <user.h>

Firebase user account object.


This class allows you to manipulate the profile of a user, link to and unlink from authentication providers, and refresh authentication tokens.


Inherits from: firebase::auth::UserInfoInterface

Constructors and Destructors


Public functions

Future< void >
Deletes the user account.
DeleteLastResult() const
Future< void >
Get results of the most recent call to Delete.
GetToken(bool force_refresh)
Future< std::string >
The Java Web Token (JWT) that can be used to identify the user to the backend.
GetTokenLastResult() const
Future< std::string >
Get results of the most recent call to GetToken.
LinkAndRetrieveDataWithCredential(const Credential & credential)
Links the user with the given 3rd party credentials.
LinkAndRetrieveDataWithCredentialLastResult() const
Get results of the most recent call to LinkAndRetrieveDataWithCredential.
LinkWithCredential(const Credential & credential)
Future< User * >
Convenience function for ReauthenticateAndRetrieveData that discards the returned AdditionalUserInfo in SignInResult.