@interface FIRApp : NSObject

The entry point of Firebase SDKs.

Initialize and configure FIRApp using +[FIRApp configure] or other customized ways as shown below.

The logging system has two modes: default mode and debug mode. In default mode, only logs with log level Notice, Warning and Error will be sent to device. In debug mode, all logs will be sent to device. The log levels that Firebase uses are consistent with the ASL log levels.

Enable debug mode by passing the -FIRDebugEnabled argument to the application. You can add this argument in the application’s Xcode scheme. When debug mode is enabled via -FIRDebugEnabled, further executions of the application will also be in debug mode. In order to return to default mode, you must explicitly disable the debug mode with the application argument -FIRDebugDisabled.

It is also possible to change the default logging level in code by calling setLoggerLevel: on the FIRConfiguration interface.

  • Configures a default Firebase app. Raises an exception if any configuration step fails. The default app is named __FIRAPP_DEFAULT. This method should be called after the app is launched and before using Firebase services. This method is thread safe and contains synchronous file I/O (reading GoogleService-Info.plist from disk).



    + (void)configure;
  • Configures the default Firebase app with the provided options. The default app is named __FIRAPP_DEFAULT. Raises an exception if any configuration step fails. This method is thread safe.



    + (void)configureWithOptions:(nonnull FIROptions *)options;



    The Firebase application options used to configure the service.