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Firebase Unity API Reference



AppOptions Options that control the creation of a Firebase App.
FirebaseApp Firebase application object.
FirebaseException Exception thrown for any Task exception.
InitializationException The exception that is thrown when a problem occurs with initialization of a Firebase module or class.



FirebaseAnalytics FirebaseAnalytics API.
Parameter Event parameter.



AdditionalUserInfo Additional user data returned from an identity provider.
Credential Authentication credentials for an authentication provider.
EmailAuthProvider Use email and password to authenticate.
FacebookAuthProvider Use an access token provided by Facebook to authenticate.
FirebaseAuth Firebase authentication object.
FirebaseUser Firebase user account object.
ForceResendingToken Token to maintain current phone number verification session.
GameCenterAuthProvider GameCenter (iOS) auth provider.
GitHubAuthProvider Use an access token provided by GitHub to authenticate.
GoogleAuthProvider Use an ID token and access token provided by Google to authenticate.
OAuthProvider OAuth2.0+UserInfo auth provider (OIDC compliant and non-compliant).
PhoneAuthProvider Use phone number text messages to authenticate.