Firebase Hosting API


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This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: v1beta1.sites.releases

create POST /v1beta1/{parent=sites/*}/releases
Creates a new release which makes the content of the specified version actively display on the site.
list GET /v1beta1/{parent=sites/*}/releases
Lists the releases that have been created on the specified site.

REST Resource: v1beta1.sites.versions

create POST /v1beta1/{parent=sites/*}/versions
Creates a new version for a site.
delete DELETE /v1beta1/{name=sites/*/versions/*}
Deletes the specified version.
patch PATCH /v1beta1/{*/versions/*}
Updates the specified metadata for a version.
populateFiles POST /v1beta1/{parent=sites/*/versions/*}:populateFiles
Adds content files to a version.

REST Resource: v1beta1.sites.versions.files

list GET /v1beta1/{parent=sites/*/versions/*}/files
Lists the remaining files to be uploaded for the specified version.

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